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The Legacy Connection
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The Legacy Connection
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The Legacy Connection

Your Customers Deserve The Best, Answer Them With TLC!

We all know how important it is for a business or professional practice to be accessible to  those who call.  For some, it’s a matter of life and death.  For others, it’s simply a matter of good service.

Whether you or your business need to be accessible 24/7, you just need assistance with your overflow and after-hours calls, or you believe that a live customer service representative gives your business a competitive edge—conveying “we care” to each and every caller, The Legacy Connection is here to connect you with your callers…to provide peace of mind to you…and to them.

The Legacy Connection, formerly DCAS (Druid City Answering Service), is an award-winning answering service that has been “connecting callers with TLC” since 1955.

Please visit the rest of this site to learn more about us.  We hope you will then connect with us, at which time we will learn more about you and your needs so we can customize a tele-services solution just for you.

We are not just an answering service, but an extension of your business, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

It will be our privilege to connect your callers to you with TLC!

Client Testimonials

“Many retailers don’t realize the importance of having the phones answered by a professional when everyone on the floor is servicing customers, but we do.   Thanks to the great operators at TLC who contacted me immediately upon receiving a call for us, I was prepared when the customer got here, and we sold two matching Rolex watches and a pair of large diamond earrings as a result.  While not all sales are this large, what we pay TLC is more than covered by sales throughout the year, not to mention the peace of mind I have by knowing our callers are being cared for while we’re assisting customers in the store…or even closed for a holiday.  It’s clear that making our customers happy is a priority for all staff at TLC, and working with TLC could not be easier or more pleasant for a business owner.”
— John Poole, vice president of
Hudson Poole Fine Jewelers.

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